Edwards Etiquette

Civility and Leadership Training for Youth

11 ASSUMPTIONS Adults  Make About Your Child

(IN the 1st 30 seconds)

1.                Trustworthiness – Whether or not he/she has a trusting face, demeanor


2.                Moral Character – What His/Her value system is and whether or not he/she has been around people who do/don’t have an appropriate one


3.                Parents Economic Level  By what he/she has on and how they are wearing it


4.                Economic Heritage – Has his/her family always been poor or always had money


5.          Educational Level – What school he/she attends (public/private/parochial)


6.                Social Position – whether he/she is the type of person people want to be around or avoid


7.          Home Life – What he/she is accustomed or been exposed to


8.                Social Heritage – Is his/her family famous or infamous in the community, regular folk, good people or . . .not


9.          Educational Legacy – Is he/she the first college bound in their family or expected to carry on the tradition at a particular institution


10.           Success – Whether he/she has or hasn’t achieved things (good grades, awards, accomplishments)


11.           Future Potential – will he/she make it, is he/she resourceful and importantly: Does he/she ‘deserve’ or are they worth an investment


- vbEdwards 2009