Edwards Etiquette

Civility and Leadership Training for Youth

Take a sip for Civili-Tea at the 3rd Annual Hats and Pearls Springtime Tea hosted by Edwards Etiquette where you will enjoy traditional afternoon tea faire with entertainment, door prizes, vendors and an amazing keynote speaker at the


3rd Annual Hats and Pearls Springtime Tea Party in Detroit

Marygrove College

8425 West McNichols Rd.

Detroit, Michigan 48221


Net proceeds from this year's event will support scholarships for 5th Annual Summer Etiquette and Golf Camp initiative, “Aces, Birdies and Clubs”.  This unique program authored by Ms. Edwards, introduces children aged 7-12 to the fundamentals of golf in a fun and positive environment as part of  the week-long Summer Etiquette and Golf Camp, sponsored by Edwards Etiquette. 


Golf is highlighted as a tool to help children expand and comprehend how courtesy and kindness can be put into use at home, school and everyday life.  Golf, a sport of privilege, is used to teach life lessons such as the values of courtesy, consistency and practice. 

Lunch and golf equipment is provided at no extra cost to campers