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BROWNIES Budding Diplomats (11-19-2016) Sign In or Register to add photos

As part of the Girl Scouts BFF (Be a Friend First) series of the aMAZE! Journey, over 30 Girl Scout Brownies from various troops throughout Southeast Michigan earned their Making Friends badge and learned valuable skills that will help them make, keep and be friends as well as develop healthy relationships, prevent bullying behavior, and become peacemakers in their schools and communities at Budding Diplomats - An Etiquette Workshop in Clinton Township, Michigan. By exploring thorny issues like peer pressure, stereotyping, gossip, and cliques through role playing, creative writing, and discussion exercises, these young ladies learned all kinds of new skills which included: Proper Introductions & Handshakes, The Importance of Eye Contact and Smiling, Table Manners, Dining Protocols Thank You Note Writing, Birthday Party Etiquette (as the Hostess and as a Guest), Active Listening and Proper Napkin usage
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