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In the Spring of 2013, I enrolled  in Cohort 14 of Michigan Shifting Gearsa 3 month program sponsored by the Michigan Economic Development Corp. to help experienced/seasoned corporate professionals adapt their skills for jobs in small businesses and start-ups in growing industries that will make up Michigan's New Economy.

During this journey, I learned more about western Michigan geography, made some great friends, participated in a 3-day business simulation, had 2 fantastic summer internships, landed a great position out of the 3 offers I had, and graduated.

Lansing Community College, Spring 2013

Day 3 of the Business Simulator with team Orca

 Last Day of Class with Cohort 14 before Graduation

Graduation Day with my Class, Cohort 14

 Graduation Day with Michigan Shifting Gears  Founder, Dr. Diana Wong